Child Car Seats

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The safest way for children to travel in cars is in a child car seat that is suitable for their weight and size, and is correctly fitted in the car.


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  • Understand the different types of child car seats
  • Choose the most suitable child car seats for your children
  • Ensure your child seats are fitted correctly in your car
  • Comply with the law on how children should be carried in cars
  • Understand how to carry other people's children safely

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  • Types of Child Car Seats
  • Choosing and Using Child Car Seats
  • Choosing and Using Rearward Facing Child Car Seats
  • Child Car Seat Fitting and Compatibility
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  • Carrying Other People's Children Safely
  • Related Issues
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A properly fitted child car seat will help to prevent your child from being thrown about inside the vehicle, or ejected from it, if there is a crash. It will also absorb some of the impact force, and provide some protection from objects intruding into the passenger compartment.

A seat belt on its own will not properly fit your child, until they are at least 135 cm (4'6") tall, although it's better to wait until they are 150 cm (5ft) or taller before moving them to the seat belt on its own.

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In March 2018, Britax Römer issued a voluntary recall notice for classic DUALFIX child car seats due to a potential safety issue with a component. All seats bought between November 3, 2017, and March 22, 2018, should go to to see if their seat is affected by the voluntary recall, and for further information.

The cause of the potential issue has been identified, and Britax Römer has confirmed that seats bought outside of the dates listed are not affected.

In December 2016, Mamas & Papas issued a product safety recall for some of their child car seats that had been sold through Asda, Tesco, Shop Direct and some independent retailers, as well as the Mamas & Papas website and factory stores. The seats affected are:

Mamas & Papas Nembus
Mamas & Papas Aureus
Mamas & Papas Group 123
Mamas & Papas Altai

They are Group 123 car seats with the approval code 04 44596 (check the orange label on the back of the seat). If you have purchased one of these seats, you should stop using it immediately and contact Mamas & Papas Customer Services team on 03332 412154, or take it to a Mamas & Papas store for a refund or replacement. For more information see 工信部回应“禁用VPN”:清理对象是无资质者_央广网:2021-7-25 · 工信部回应“禁用VPN”:清理对象是无资质者 在国务院新闻办今日举行的发布会上,有记者问及“有地方出台规定,对违法违规利用VPN上网加强管理”一事,工信部信息通信发展司司长闻库表示,不了 ….

In May 2016, Argos issued a product safety recall for Mamas & Papas Mercury child car seats:

Mamas & Papas Mercury Group 1 Black
Mamas & Papas Mercury Group 1 Grey
Mamas & Papas Mercury Group 1-2-3 Black
Mamas & Papas Mercury Group 1-2-3 Grey
Mamas & Papas Mercury Group 2-3 Black

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Photos courtesy of Britax and RECARO Child Safety Ltd

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